Our passion for pasta begins...

orn in Italy in 1911, Giovanni Panzani grew up in his family’s Italian food shop and following in family tradition, by 1940, Giovanni was making pasta by hand from the attic of his wife's parents' home.

“It would take me 6 hours to make 20 kilos. Then I delivered it by bike”

His truly excellent handmade pasta was loved by the locals and, in just ten years, Giovanni’s passion led to establishing a large-scale production company, Pasta Panzani.

From the very beginning, Giovanni Panzani was determined to set himself apart from the many other pasta makers. First, his authentic pasta must be the best tasting. Next, while other pastas were being sold in cardboard boxes containing just 250 grams, Giovanni Panzani pasta was produced in 500 grams clear cellophane packages. Consumers loved this new package look and especially the taste, quickly making Panzani a popular brand name in pasta!

Panzani’s authentic pasta and pasta sauce products are currently sold in more than 50 countries, including France, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Mexico, Lebanon and Morocco.

And now, one of Europe’s leading pasta has come to Canada to delight true pasta lovers from coast to coast.