See what people are saying about Giovanni PanzaniTM pasta

I was very impressed with this pasta! It had a very nice 'bite' to it (we hate mushy pasta!). I also found that the flavour of the pasta was very tasty, some other pastas can taste so bland. My kids also gobbled this pasta up! They loved it. It is certainly something I would serve to them again!

By Adina

We tried the Giovanni Panzani pasta the same day we received it in the mail. We loved it! My husband and I found the pasta had a real 'bite' to it and was quite tasty. It tasted fresh like homemade pasta. It didn't clump together which was great. It also was very filling. I steamed broccoli and sautéed some onions and kidney beans and added it to the pasta with some garlic, olive oil and Parmesan cheese. It was delicious and you really got to taste the pasta this way instead having it be overwhelmed by tomato or cream sauce. I would definitely purchase it again!

By Vira

Followed the cooking instructions for 9 minutes and the pasta came out a nice texture. Has a fresh taste, without an aftertaste that affects the flavour of the sauce used. Pasta did not clump or stick and held it's form. Overall, the dominant impression was really one of freshness and of being light (which is saying a lot when it comes to pasta).

By Kate

Love it! It was much better than I thought it would be. Right from the way it looks, you can tell that it won't be like regular pasta. Whole family enjoyed it....husband even said that it tasted like fresh pasta!! Can not wait to see what other shapes of pasta they have.

By Dina

I was sent a Giovanni Panzani spaghettini 3 pasta 454g package. It was great pasta! It's the perfect pasta, very superior to my usual brands. I felt I could not overcook it, it would always be the right texture. The sauce sticks to the pasta. The pasta never clung together like some others do, even when leftovers were reheated. The leftovers were delicious. I am on my way to buy some I liked it so much!

By Louise

When I was asked to test this pasta I was not expecting it to be different from any other pastas that I have eaten. Well, Giovanni Panzani pasta managed to surprise me. This texture of this pasta was al dente - firm without being hard and dry. I tried it with both a tomato sauce and an alfredo sauce and in both cases the sauce clung well to the noodles. I would definitely purchase this pasta.

By Catherin

This pasta was flavorful and delicious.

By Mona

Hello, I loved, loved, loved the pasta. In fact, since I tried it I have bought it 3 more times. My whole family enjoyed this pasta, they loved the taste. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to try it out and I have switched from my regular pasta to Giovanni from now on.

By Betty

Delicious! my new pasta from now on!!

By Carol Ann

Love it !!! Wow Great product !!! I cook the pasta only 5 minutes. Thanks.

By Virgini