True pasta lovers appreciate Giovanni Panzani pasta because its texture remains firm when cooked and its rough surface holds sauce better than most pastas. For Canadian connoisseurs, there's a Giovanni Panzani pasta for every occasion that demands consistently great taste. Buon appetito!

Fusilli 102
Spiral pasta that originated from Campania.
Capellini 1
This long, delicate pasta literally means "thin hair" in Italian.
Linguine 10
Slightly wider than spaghetti, in Italian linguine means "little tongues".
Penne Rigate 19
Small, diagonally cut tubes that have thousands of ridges.
Spaghetti 5
This traditional pasta comes from the Italian word "spago" which means twine.
Spaghettini 3
Long thin pasta that is a smaller version of spaghetti.
Tagliatelle 113
A festive pasta originally from Northern Italy.
Chifferini Rigati
Unique, ridged and hollow pasta elbows.
A bow-tie pasta that comes from the Italian word for butterfly.
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