What makes our pasta superior
Durum wheat semolina. No eggs, no soft wheat, no additives! Only durum wheat semolina gives our pasta its perfect taste, firmness, colour and cooking properties. Our unique production process results in perfect pasta that holds the sauce and won't stick together even if it boils for a few minutes more.
Pasta is simply flour and water, with no preservatives or additives of any kind. Fresh flour is blended perfectly to assure flavour, colour, resistance to cooking and protein content.
Good water is essential in making superior pasta. The water we use is microbiologically pure with optimum salt content. We only add the water after controlling its characteristics to guarantee complete safety and absolute consistency of the dough.
We use long and short bronze-extrusion processes to produce almost all of our pastas. Each production line is dedicated to a product family, guaranteeing that our pastas are perfectly formed, have the right drying time and maintain all the characteristics of the durum wheat. That's why it tastes so good and why your sauce always sticks to Giovanni Panzani pasta!
We take great care to ensure our Giovanni Panzani products are always of the highest quality and we proudly believe them to be amongst the best. However, if you are not completely satisfied with our Giovanni Panzani product, we will reimburse you the purchase price. For more details, click here.